Tech with Alex Kinsella

Smart devices can alert you to fires and floods through your smartphone and warn you if you’re wasting water and energy. Click here

Wine with Michael Pinkus

The days of cotton candy-sweet pinks are over; today, rosés are dry and refreshing. Click here to read.  

A New-found Passion

With retirement looming, Dennis Grimm, a local accountant, went looking for something completely different. So he and his wife, Candice, built a vineyard

Life Re-Imagined

After a devastating brain injury, Wayne Drew found healing and solace in a room dedicated to The Beatles. Story by Sandra Walneck and

The Nature of Metal

With great precision, Harrington artist Rich Baker hammers, cuts and welds sheet metal into lifelike sculptures of animals, machines and people. Story by

Getting podium ready

Find your Olympic spirit with these six sporty books and movies. Click here to read. 

Hidden Culinary Gems

A collection of local culinary stops that don’t always get the attention they deserve. Click here to read.           

Time Travelling on Grand Avenue

McDougall Cottage, built in 1858, has become a museum of local Scottish heritage. Click here to read.  McDougall Cottage in Cambridge. Photography by