Editor’s Note

We’re in this together

By Jim Poling, editor-in-chief

The global pandemic has forced us all to adjust our lives and think differently about what we do and how we live. Yes, it has meant incredible angst and stress and isolation. It’s also meant reaching deep inside ourselves to think about what we value and what we believe is right. In that spirit, we planned this special digital edition of Grand around the “heroes” in our midst – local ordinary people doing extraordinary work.

We’ve all had to make selfless decisions in this time of rapid infection and self-isolation. For some it’s meant huddling inside, limiting contact with others, staying out the public eye and taking unprecedented precautions. For others, it means the exact opposite, because their work, their skills, are needed to answer the public interest. Many of these folks are our neighbours and friends. They are on the public front lines, working in hospitals, supplying food and other goods and services that are necessary to keep us all healthy and alive. These folks are the true definition of heroes and we’ve devoted this issue to saluting them. Thank you, essential workers for everything you do.

Much of the world as we knew it has stopped. Sports, business, the way we eat, how we shop, visit and talk with one another. Inside this edition you will find profiles complemented by gorgeous portrait photography of more than 20 special people who deserve highlighting. Among them are a grocer, a cleaner, a doctor, a driver for a food bank. There’s a priest, a social worker, a pharmacist and a funeral director. Never have so many ordinary people, doing extraordinary work been so important.

This special edition also focuses on the people and businesses in our community who have recast themselves to respond to community emergency measures (see Answering the Call, page 96). We also bring you the regular Grand Magazine reading staples, albeit, some of the content has a twist. You can still explore beautiful gardens (page 74), cook at home with Chef Scotty Yates (page 15) or connect with therapy dogs (page 104). When we planned this issue, we knew we had to have a travel piece, we just weren’t expecting it come from experienced traveller and journalist Terry Pender who found himself in the far corners of Asia when the pandemic hit. His journey is terrifying and heartwarming and speaks to the value of home (page 80).

These are unusual times and we are doing our best to answer the call and keep you informed and comforted. Please take care, watch for those around you, respect public spaces and be safe. We will get through this.