Editor’s Note

A time to pause, reflect and celebrate

By Jim Poling, editor-in-chief

This is a time of year when families and friends come together to celebrate and tell their stories.

No doubt, when it comes to sitting around the table, there’s a lot of talk about who we are and how we got here. There’s much talk and teasing and, of course, when it comes to favourite foods, there’s always secrets. But we don’t hold back.

In this Holiday issue of Grand we tell you why dental floss is an important kitchen tool, or why you shouldn’t bang the side of the bowl when mixing egg whites. In this issue you’ll find extraordinary insights and stories from people such as former Kitchener Rangers’ captain Ben Fanelli, a gritty hockey player turned motivator/podcaster/storyteller. Once known for his on-ice work, Fanelli is now gathering a robust following because of discovered listening skills and an empathetic ear.

And what’s life without a little quirky?

Writer Joel Rubinoff spends some time on the highline with the Guelph cartoonist simply known as Seth. His story is truly one of reflection and deconstruction. Coupled with amazing photos from Grand photographer Mat McCarthy, it’s an interesting and thoughtful read that will have you making plans to check out the Art Gallery of Guelph exhibit featuring Seth’s work. We also take you into the studio of Kitchener potter Judy Donaldson. Our quest to learn more about the person whose Christmas trees are so popular she doesn’t seem to be able to make enough of them, led to learning about a master whose true passion is crafting beautiful teapots. So sit back and take in the garland and the decorations – with or without a tree. And grab a drink – a tea or maybe something stronger, such as the elegant and seasonal alchemy constructed by Swine and Vine’s Jill Sadler.

This is certainly the most festive and introspective time of year.