Queen of the uke

Cynthia Kinnunen leading a four-string movement in the Royal City Read more

Creating Space for Stillness

Emily Squirrell’s journey brings her home to Waterloo to open a dogma-free, multi-technique meditation studio Read more…

The Telling Details

Guelph Guild of Storytellers presents rich stories with an ideal backdrop – gardens and a river   Read more…

Salad Days

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Other side of the sport

Olympian Victoria Moors finds her way back to the gym, coaching the next generation of gymnasts Read more


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Keeping it all in the family

After shooting to fame in the 1980s, The Walters Family band plays on with a dinner theatre on their rural property Read more…

Colourful celebration of joy

Anne Vermeyden’s love for belly dancing runs deep – not just as an artform but for its benefits to both her physical and