Editor’s Note

Beautiful displays
capture Christmases
past and present

By Melinda Marks, editor-in-chief


What’s red and green . . . and gold and silver and blue and white? If it’s got sparkles all over it, it’s probably something for the holiday season.
In this issue, we show you what’s new – and old – in Christmas decorations.
The annual HopeSpring Holiday Tour of Homes, a fundraiser for the local cancer support centre, will showcase modern decorating. We’ve got photos from last year’s tour that show a tall slender tree decked out all in white, as well as more traditional green trees with colourful lights and ornaments. The tour is a great way to get ideas for your own home. Fireplaces, dining room tables and cheery bedrooms provide inspiration for all decorators.
If you’re more interested in traditional and vintage decorations, we introduce you to Tom Reitz, who has been fascinated with heritage Christmas ornaments since he was a child. Glass ornaments from the mid-20th century are the focus of his collection and he displays them throughout his Cambridge home. Their delicate and timeless beauty is breathtaking.
If you’re looking for delightful hostess gifts or a present for someone special, look no further than our Grand Finds feature. From elegant tree ornaments to decorative planters, you’ll find the perfect gift.
We also have some wine “finds” you should pick up now before the holidays. Your friends will be impressed with your selections and you’ll have one less thing to shop for during the last-minute crunch.
In the midst of all the holiday hype, however, we need to be mindful there are people who struggle with sensory overload. Special programs, such as the Sensitive Santa event at Cambridge Centre, see shopping malls create a welcoming environment for families with children who need a quieter visit with Santa Claus.
For readers who would like to hop on a plane to escape the holiday season altogether, we have two destinations for you to consider. First, there’s Bordeaux, a beautiful place that offers the appeal of Paris but on a smaller scale. And then there’s India and Nepal, a great experience if you need to be reminded that North America isn’t the centre of the universe.
No matter where you are, we wish you the best.