Editor’s Note

Local stars shined bright for our nation

By Melinda Marks, editor-in-chief


We are spending a lot of time this summer thinking about Canada’s sesquicentennial. It’s a healthy exercise, as we celebrate the first 150 years of our nationhood. In our jubilation, we have taken a look back at some local people who have made a mark on big stages.
One of these people is golfer Gary Cowan, who is featured in this Health and Wellness edition of Grand. Voted Canada’s best amateur golfer of the 20th century, the Kitchener resident has captured many titles around the world. Also remarkable was Cowan’s ability to bounce back after a stroke in 1997 that affected the right side of his body. The lifetime honorary member of Westmount Golf and Country Club used the sport he loves as a measuring stick during his recovery.
Another high-profile athlete from our community is Cambridge’s Victoria Moors. After competing at the London Olympics in 2012, the darling of the Canadian gymnastics team lost her competitive drive at age 17 and called it quits a year later. It hasn’t been easy but she has found her way back to the gym, coaching a new generation of athletes.
On a smaller stage, belly dancer Anne Vermeyden is someone who uses her physical activity to help keep her overall health in check. Her openness and honesty in revealing that she suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder is commendable. She hopes sharing her story may help others.
After reading about how these talented people get the most out of their physical gifts, it’s time to celebrate a local gem of a different type. Oxford County in southern Ontario is the province’s dairy capital and is becoming well known for the cheese it produces. We take you for a ride along The Cheese Trail and let you know about some of the best artisanal producers. The Cheese Trail is a great was to spend a tasty afternoon in the country.
After that, you might consider indulging in a glass of rosé. Even if it is not your usual beverage of choice, you may be pleasantly surprised. Our wine columnist points you in the right direction if you want to give it a try.